[VIDEO] – For sale by owner Zillow listing? think twice.

For sale by owner Zillow listing? think twice.

For sale by owner Zillow listingIf you are thinking to do a for sale by owner Zillow listing, you better think twice. According to the statistics, only around 7 % of owners selling on their own have success. Furthermore, of this 7%, 4% are sales in between the family or friends.  It seems like the chances  of selling without listing on the MLS are very slim. Because we want you to sell your house without paying much, we created our affordable MLS Listing. With it you can list on the MLS for FREE and start paying only after you have the property on the MLS.  Start selling now by Clicking here.  If you do not feel confident about selling completely on your own, we offer a very affordable consultation call to clear all your doubts or your Premium Transaction coordination or our most exclusive Platinum Listing. You can use either one.

Premium Transaction Coordination:

A Licensed agent will oversee the entire transaction.  From receiving the offers and negotiating the terms with you to remind all parties about important dates like inspection periods, loan commitment, closing and many other important dates. If extensions or other documents are needed they will be provided to you.

Platinum Listing:

Our Platinum Listing provides the most complete service to you. A Licensed agent will accompany you all the way.  From the day we list to the day we close.  We understand that selling a real estate property frequently is one of the most important financial transactions.  Because of that we created the Platinum Listing.  We will:

  • Coordinate showings
  • Answer agents and buyer’s calls
  • Provide a secure electronic lockbox
  • Manage access, inspections & appraisals
  • Be available for you at any moment to answer any questions
  • Provide a weekly status update on the marketing and closing process. Great deal!

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